About RXperts

“RXperts” is an open-source community of R Programmers and Data Science enthusiasts from Bangladesh. This community was born in August 30, 2016 by some enthusiastic people in facebook. Our plan is to build up a supportive environment for the Data Science enthusiasts, Researchers, Statisticians and every individual of Bangladesh who uses/has interest in R. We share technical knowledge, resources, solutions of R and Data problems, we love to motivate each other, expand our network, drink coffe, eat pizza and have fun. Our awesome community is surrounded by many loving and supportive people who always try their best to help each other. We do real life meetups, virtual hangouts, technical workshops and always pass amazing time with the people of the community.

We stay connected with the coummunity by our facebook group and this website.

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Email: rxperts.bd@gmail.com